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 Aucma Co., Ltd. was established in 1987 and got listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange on December, 2000. Always aiming to be the most reliable refrigeration equipment supplier and refrigeration expert of the world. 

 With 35-year development, Aucma has become full commercial cold chain supplier including cooler, freezer, vending machine, cold room, kitchen refrigerator, supermarket freezer and refrigerator truck, Cooler ranged from 60L to 1500L, counter top, single door and multi- door products. Commercial freezer ranged full curved lids, flat lids, combination freezer, island freezer and integral freezer.
 A strong R&D team was the core to win market. Aucma commercial refrigeration division has more than 280 professional engineers with average experience10-year in this field. Besides, 6 million USD was spent to build our own global innovation test center, covered 4500 M2. lt's CNAS approved lab, test report acceptable by VDE, UL, CSA and CCC.
Our scientific and medical equipment is widely used internationally in scientific research institutions, medical and health care applications, biopharmacy, food processing, university electronics, pharmaceutical factories, blood banks, epidemic prevention stations, health centers, animal husbandry and veterinary stations, etc. They are used for refrigerating and preserving medicines, reagents and biological products.
 As a well-known supplier of cold chain equipment, Aucma has maintained a technical lead in the research and development and application of cryogenic quick-freezing, ultra-low temperature, precise temperature control and new energy technologies over the years, building a large portfolio of biological cold chain products and ultra-low temperature. 

 The company holds ISO 9001 quality assurance system, ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, and ISO 13485 medical device quality management system certification, independently tested by the World Health Organization. Product Performance Quality and Safety certification and European CE Marking. 

 The company also been approved by the nationally departments of the People's Republic of China machinery medical device manufacturing enterprise license, medical device registration certificate of the People's Republic of China, the low temperature preservation box registration certificate, the medical registration.

Qingdao Aucma Global Medical Co., Ltd. Leads in technological innovation, holding a strong presence as a global scientific, research and medical cold chain equipment supplier.
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The medical and scientific equipment manufactured by our company includes twenty categories and over one hundred different models ranging from medical refrigerator, blood bank refrigerator, pharmacy refrigerator, ice-lined refrigerator, deep freezer, -86℃ ULT freezer, vaccine refrigerator, solar direct drive and battery refrigerator, sterilizer, incubator, clean bench, oxygen concentrator and drying oven.

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