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  • Vaccine carrier is an insulated box used for storing vaccines or other constant temperature media. It can achieve refrigeration without direct use of electricity or other energy and maintain the temperature of the storage space by a cold storage unit. 

  • Owing to the fact that it has the advantages in small size, no power consumption and easy transportation, vaccine carrier is the first choice for many media such as drugs transportation, vaccines transportation, blood transportation, samples transportation, etc.

  • Our usually used temperature zone of vaccine carrier is generally 0℃~10℃, there are also other temperature zones such as -20℃~-10℃, or +10℃~+25℃. However vaccine carrier can achieve the corresponding temperature zone by changing the cold storage unit in the transfer box according to the storage needs of different media (including but not limited to temperature, holding time, etc.)

  • Common ones include drug vaccine carriers, biosafety vaccine carrier and v vaccine carrier, among which drug vaccine carrier are used more often in daily scenarios. In laboratory or medical scenarios, biosafety vaccine carrier are required to ensure the safety of transport personnel and media due to the storage or infectivity of transport media. The special vaccine vaccine carrier has a strict temperature range, which is commonly used as a vaccine carrier published by WHO.

  • We can choose the appropriate vaccine carrier according to different media storage requirements and quantity.

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