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Cryobiobank series provide users with automa 20 c, secure and reliable cryogenic liquid nitrogen freezing systems. Tanks are made of high quality stainless steel, equipped with casters and brakes, and wide neck opening for easy to pick and place specimen. Sp men could be stored in liquid or vapor, and control system provides high convenience and security. To achieve the most economical operation, our design ensures the lowest consumption of liquid nitrogen and the m imum storage capacity of the specimen.The whole tank uses advanced evacuation technology, adiaba 20 c technology and high vacuum retention technology to ensure the safe storage of specimen, good uniform temperature and the lowest liquid nitrogen consumption. When specimen in vapor storage, the the entire storage area tempera city erences do not exceed 10'C,and the top of the frozen rack lowest temperature can reach -190'C. Biobank Series provides you with the best storage e Knock erience: fast specimen access, reliable protection, convenient liquid nitrogen autofill and flexible storage capacity.

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