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Autoclave 75L(ALM-75)


Autoclave could keep the temperature between 50~134℃, which is suitable for drug store, hospital, CDC and university. It could sterilize instrument, rubber, liquid, glass dish with a setting time of 4~120 mins.

lt is suitable for the sterilization ofequipment, dressings, rubber, liquidglassware, culture medium, waste andother items in medical and health andbiomedical research departments atall levels such as pharmaceuticals,food, universities, animal husbandry; disease control, and hospitals

Product advantages

Security: Multi-level protection, safe and reliable

· Door lock safety interlock device to ensure safety

· Automatic water shortage protection, and sound and light alarm, prevent dry burning

· Pressure safety protection, overtemperature and overpressure double protection

Intelligence: PID precise and intelligent control, easy to operate

· The PID temperature controller with digital display is adopted to realize precise tem-perature control

· Convenient operation, dynamic display, and detailed display of the current state in thesterilization process

Multiple modes: suitable for sterilization of different items

· Rapid cooling mode & natural cooling mode is suitable for the sterilization of differentitems

· Multiple procedure modes are suitable for sterilization of different items

Product dimensions

Product details

The upper cover cannot be opened under pressure, and the program cannot run until the upper cover is closed

Automatic protection for water shortage, and sound and light alarm

Self-expanding silicone rubber sealing ring has good sealing effect and long service life

Anti-hot design: the top cover is made of glass steel, safe and anti-hot protection

Product feature

· Automatic protection function: over-temperature protection, over-pressureventing protection

· After sterilization, the buzzer will remind and the machine will stop automatically

· Microcomputer automatic control, arbitrary set sterilization parameters

· Automatically discharge cold air and steam after sterilization

· Hand wheel translation type quick opening door structure

· Low water level protection to prevent dry burning

· High quality stainless steel material

· Equipped with standard test interface

· FRP door cover anti scald protection

· Stainless steel bucket (or net basket)

· Digital display, touch button

Product Model ALM-75
Nominal working pressure 0.22MPa
Rated Functioning Temperature 134℃
Temperature Range 50~134℃
Time Range 4~120min
Rated voltage/frequency AC220V/50Hz
Rated power 4.5KW
Net Capacity 75L
Sterilization chamber Dimension ∅400X625
Internal Dimension ∅380X540
Net Basket Dimension (optional) ∅360X280X2
Net weight KG 90
lbs 198
Gross weight KG 120
(lbs) 264

(LXWXH)mm 525X525X1200
Boundary Dimension (LXWXH)In 20X20X47

(LXWXH)mm 630X680X1290
Packing Dimension (LXWXH)In 25X27X51
(20'/40'/40'H) 27/54/108
Container Load
Interior material SUS304
Cabinet Type Vertical(Open up)
Ambient Temperature 5~40℃
Heating Type Electric heating tube
Cold Air Removal Method Gravity displacement
Water-Injection Method Manual
Drainage Method Manual
Door Opening Method Handwheel horizontal opening
Safety protection Anti-dry burning, over-pressure protection,over-temperature protection, over-current protection, sensor disconnection detection.
Sensor Type PT100
Controller Microcomputer
Display Screen LED
Accessories details Manual, tray, stainless steel inner tube, cover, vent tube


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