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Clean Bench ACB-1300v


Clean Bench is a laminar flow work cabinet or similar enclosure that provides filtered air across the work surface to protect against contamination. The clean bench was originally created to supplement clean room technology including research, manufacturing, aerospace, bioscience, pharmaceutical production, and food processing. Clean bench is used in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and medical facilities worldwide.


Imported moisture-proof and flame-retardant alassfiber filter (HEPA) has a retention efficiency of99.99% for solid particles with a diameter of 0.3microns.

Product feature

The front part of the workbench is designed with arc protrusionto prevent liquid leakage.

Transparent tempered glass on both sides increases lightingand improves operating comfort.

The display screen displays the wind speed information in realtime, which makes the operation more convenient.

Product advantage

One-button sterilization reservation function brings moreconvenience to users.

The fan speed is adjustable, which is convenient for users to choosethe optimal speed.

The ultraviolet lamp starts with delay, so as to stay away from UVdamage:the lighting lamp, the door body and the ultraviolet lampinterlock to prevent the ultraviolet lamp from radiating.

Flow TypeVertical
Voltage/Frequency(V/Hz)AC 220/50
Vibration Amplitude (UM)5
Exhaust Filter Typical EfficiencyH13 HEPA, 99.99%@0.3um
Average Velocity (M/S)0.2-0.5
Fluorescent Lamp Intensity(Lux)≥300
Net/Gross Weight (approx )kg150/178
Sound Level(dB(A))62
Internal Dimensions (W*D*H)mm1300*516*520
External Dimensions (W*D*H)mm1370*611*1754
Packing Dimensions (W*D*H)mm1505*745*1280
Cleanliness ClassificationISO 14644.1 Class 5
Container Load(20'/40'/40'H)10/25/25


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